De wereld van de druif

The World of the Grape

Welcome to the World of the Grape, an attractive synopsis of everything we do at Theme park De Westlandse Druif to grow these fabulous round, juicy, refreshing, thirst-quenching Westland grapes.

Westland grapes are traditionally cultivated in glasshouses. By ‘thinning’ the grape clusters (removing some of the berries), we create beautiful full bunches with large grapes. As well as winemaking, the grapes are also used to prepare juice, fruit salad, fruit punch and many other dishes. Westland grapes are available from July 1 through mid-December. Grapes are often given as promotional gifts around Christmas. But you can surprise someone with grapes earlier in the season as well. Read more about De Druiventuin, grape thinning and other workshops, our four most important types of grapes, the grapes in the assortment greenhouse at Theme park De Westlandse Druif, the history of grape cultivation in the Westland and European accreditation. Want to buy some Westland grapes to try for yourself? Click here to find out where you can purchase them.

De wereld van de druif

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