Organic cultivation

In March 2015, after a 3-year process of transition to organic cultivation, we received official SKAL certification.

This means that we cultivate our grapes using entirely organic methods. SKAL Biocontrole ensure that organic products comply with all applicable legislation and conduct an on-site inspection once or twice a year.

In our move to organic cultivation, we have recently teamed up with a group of bantam chickens, a species which cannot fly and thus cannot damage the crop. The small chickens are extremely useful, as they love to eat the destructive vine weevil and other insects.

We also trap the vine weevil by hand. This involves placing wood wool near the stems of the grape vines, into which the weevils crawl at night to keep warm. Early the next morning the balls of wood wool are shaken out over a bucket and the weevils fall in. Simple but effective!

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