The Grape Garden

The most important features are the large-production glasshouse and the conservatories built to historical specifications, as well as an old lean-to greenhouse. With an area of approximately 8,000 square metres, the modern glasshouse is probably the largest in the world producing table grapes. One unusual feature of this glasshouse is the conservatories contained inside it. Visitors are welcome to wander down the main passageways where tour guides will explain the finer points of grape cultivation.

The conservatories are not as easy to visit, but are of particular interest to specialist visitors and students (research nursery varieties; special pruning methods; cultivation in containers). A walk past the conservatories offers an opportunity to become acquainted with the history of grape cultivation in the Westland region.

And did you know that we harvest about 30,000 kg of delicious, tasty grapes every year and that we sell them from July 1st until the end of November? We sell our grapes to wholesalers, retailers and individuals.

Grape cultivation has special moments in each season. Thinning, for example, is performed in early spring; the first grapes are harvested in July, and in July, August and September the grape clusters in the different sections are a beautiful sight. By October all the grape clusters have been harvested, and autumn arrives.


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