Black Alicante (purple grape)

Black Alicante is an ancient variety that originated in Spain and arrive here via France. The grape is used for wine, especially in the south of France but also in other Mediterranean countries.

Very strong growth and very fertile, susceptible to mildew and botrytis, it can also suffer from Alicante disease. It survives transport and storage well.

In the unheated greenhouse it matures late, at the end of October and beginning of November. In the heated greenhouse from August through October.

Produces very large bunches with sturdy, round grapes that turn a lovely dark blue and have a thick waxy coating. Good yields. To ensure proper ripening, it must be pruned and thinned. Reasonable sugar content.

This grape is cultivated on horizontal canes, and pruned back to 2 or 3 buds.

Special characteristics
Very good grape. Given its late ripening, it does not always have a sufficiently high sugar content. This grape cools well (cold storage) and can be stored for several months.

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