Golden Champion (white grape)

The Golden Champion originally hails from England and was first cultivated in 1863 by Thompson.

Strong-growing plant, it may sometimes be attacked by spider mites and botrytis. Must be pollinated with pollen from another variety during the flowering season for a good yield. Humid and cold weather negatively affects fruit setting. It survives transport well but cannot be stored for long.

In both the unheated and heated greenhouse it matures rather late, between ‘Black Alicante’ and ‘Frankenthaler’.

Yields longish clusters with large, yellow berries, with a delicious taste that can become quite sweet.

Normally cultivated on canes – horizontal – and pruned back to 3 or 4 buds. In the summer, remove suckers promptly to prevent the risk of stalk paralysis.

Special characteristics
Very valuable table grape that can produce stunning clusters. Requires some care after flowering is finished. Golden Champion is not self-pollinating and requires pollen from another grape to set the fruit. It is necessary to plant another grape variety nearby that flowers at about the same time; ‘Black Alicante’ is suitable.

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