Experience the region and the Westlandse Druif

Theme park De Westlandse Druif in Monster is devoted to supporting grape cultivation in the Westland region and selling a high-quality regional product. It can be visited by individuals at set times and by groups on appointment. But there is so much more to experience in the Westland region.

Westland beach runs for 8 kilometres along the coast between Kijkduin and Hoek van Holland past ‘s-Gravenzande, Ter Heijde and Monster. The beautiful, clean beach is backed by a wide strip of dunes and it’s is a great place for recreation in any season.

The most extensive nature reserves in the region are the dune areas on the Westland coast. The Staelduin woods cover 95 hectares and consist primarily of oak and beech, planted on the dunes after 1850. Another special nature reserve is the Zeven Gaten (“Seven Holes”) in Honselersdijk, extending over 4.5 hectares. It consists of seven broad ditches, popularly known as ‘holes’, with wide lots in between. De Wollebrand in Honselersdijk is a centre for water-skiing and other water sports.

Art and culture, along with shopping malls in the centres of several villages and a wide variety of catering facilities, make the Westland horticultural region an ideal leisure destination.

Check out the Bezoek Westland website for descriptions of activities going on in the Westland region.

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