The pavilion houses a special museum. In the downstairs room, a short multimedia show (16 minutes) explains the socio-economic aspects of grape cultivation in the Westland region and the development of glasshouse horticulture. The first. documentary-type, section of the programme covers local history and the storyline then moves seamlessly on to a vision of the future.

Visitors are introduced to three generations, symbolising the flowering, decline and promising future of Westland Grape / De Westlandse Druif.

Theme park De Westlandse Druif works closely with the Westlands Museum in the Stichting Erfgood Westland. The Westlands Museum, housed in Honselersdijk, has set up a photo exhibition on grapes and grape cultivation from 1900 to 1965 at the museum in Theme park De Westlandse Druif.


Reading material

Reading material for children aged 8 to 10 has been especially developed for Theme park De Westlandse Druif. For more information, please contact the secretary’s office. Special child-friendly guided tours can also be arranged.

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